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“Multidimensional Perception…” will be a Shiatsu Campus, during which Graeme Docherty and Patrizia Stefanini will take participants on a journey to discover the deepest root of our inspiration as practitioners of complementary medicines and disciplines, our connection with nature. Accompanied by the magical environment and landscape of the remote Highlands. In Scotland the sky seems closer, almost as if we can touch it…. and the magic of Mother Earth pervades us as soon as we lie down on her heather carpet.


Graeme Docherty is interested in the outer energy fields practitioners own and the receivers and their connection to the bigger field of the landscapes that surround all. At the shiatsu camp he will work with simple oneness techniques to help the participants connect to and work with their own outer body’s energy field when they treat. Graeme will use the outer field contact as a door to work in oneness with natural surroundings. One of the few things we are all connected to is the universe. Now the energy will resonate with the receiver’s deeper inner landscape of the energy field and reflect on the multidimensions of oneness. This interaction can be very foreign to many therapists.  The concrete concepts we have at hand in shiatsu are only a small part of the energy field, although at the same time they can encompass the whole field. In the multidimensional space everything exists in oneness.

For Patrizia Stefanini, our energetic perception depends on the state of our health, how our energy is distributed, how centred we are. Our energy field could resonate with its surroundings and in doing so is modified. When we are immersed in a special environment such as that of the Knoydart Peninsula, we have access to otherwise hidden and silent faculties. We become rooted between Heaven and Earth with such rare intensity that it affects all aspects of our being, from the physical to the spiritual. The mind empties out, background disturbances subside, and in so doing we gain access to “another of us.” Our senses begin to work in a different way, expanding, integrating.  We can have new perceptual experiences, experience states of mental stillness that allow us to access our history, our relationship with Mother Earth and our yearning for the infinite.

We will use the natural elements around us to support the different phases of the Shiatsu session: the opening and closing rituals, the lowering of noise, the empathic resonance, the touch that meets the meridian without seeking it. The healing gesture that is gentle and deep, respectful, and powerful.

Timetable: The workshop will begin in the Knoydart Community Hall https://www.knoydarthall.com/ at 3pm on 13 June 2024, ending at 5pm on 16 June 2024.


Inverie can be reached by the famous West Highland railway from either Glasgow or Edinburgh (both of which can be reached by plane), arriving first at Malliag (https://www.scotrail.co.uk/). A single train ticket costs between 35 and 50 euros. It is also possible to take a bus from Glasgow to Mallaig at a cost of EUR 40. The train journey to Mallaig is a long one, from Glasgow, 5.30 hours. The journey takes us through the remote west coast of Scotland, over the Rannoch Moor, to the Western Highlands. The train journey is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. There is only one thing to do on the way to Malliag: sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.- (https://www.scenicrailbritain.com/westhighlandline)

However, from Malliag to Inverie you will have to take a boat (boat) that takes 30 minutes, with beautiful views of Knoydart and the islands of Skye, Rum and Eigg. The single ticket costs €15 – (https://westernislescruises.co.uk/cruises/mallaig-to-inverie/)

Important note: If you are only travelling to Inverie arriving from abroad by air you should note that it takes 6 hours if not slightly longer to get from Edinburgh Airport to Inverie. Glasgow airport a little less. When you book flights and train times, check and double-check timetables. It may be a good idea to stay overnight in one of the main cities and leave from there the next day.

COSTS. Cost of the workshop € 380.00, and it also includes a common fund for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners. Travel and nights accommodation are not included and are managed by the participants themselves.


The workshop venue is the Knoydart Community Hall https://www.knoydarthall.com/. It is a truly fantastic venue for this workshop. It was completely renovated a few years ago and is a truly special place on the shores of Loch Nevis.


Although Inverie is a small village, it has many different places to stay overnight. It has a very nice dormitory (https://knoydart.org/knoydart-bunkhouse/), which costs about 30 euro per night. There is also a campsite for the hardy. There are also some small wooden hoosas https://knoydart.org/wee-hooses/  near the beach that can accommodate 3-4 people.

If you come in a larger group or want to get together with some other participants, there is the possibility of renting a house. The costs in these cases are higher, so you need to use them to their maximum capacity and split the costs. Please note!!! Houses in Inverie are rented from Monday to Thursday and then from Friday to Monday.

Everything you need to know about hospitality can be found at https://www.visitknoydart.co.uk/.

EQUIPMENT. Knoydart is traditionally known as the Rough bounds and the last great wilderness of Scotland due to its remoteness in the North West Highlands. Trekking equipment is therefore recommended. Hiking boots, waterproofs, day packs etc.

MEALS. There is a bar and restaurant in Inverie and a couple of other places in the area to buy snacks. The most remote bar in Britain is in Inverie https://www.theoldforge.co.uk.

To cut costs and to have a possibility to socialize and eat together we have decided to make our own food at the Camp. Included in the price of the workshop there will be a breakfast and an evening meal included. We will start on Thursday the first day of the Camp with an evening meal and finishing at breakfast on Sunday. 

E-mail Graeme Docherty graeme@docherty.dk 

Bank Account nr 8401 0004204634 – SWIFT/BIC MEKUDK21 – IBAN nr.DK4284010004204634

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